2019: The Year of Caitlin

2018 was a veritable crapshoot of a year. From tooth extractions to head injuries to funerals and changing jobs, it's not really a year I'm looking to repeat. 2019, I've decided, is going to be my year. It's been three months since I've written anything. Sometimes the thought of sharing my life with the world … Continue reading 2019: The Year of Caitlin


On Gratitude

Thanksgiving is an odd time of year. People who are normally grouchy and pessimistic suddenly become overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings in their lives. Good health, plenty of food, family and friends in abundance. The season of thankfulness and cheer is one that brings even the most curmudgeonly folks out of their funk and … Continue reading On Gratitude

Before and after the storm

My grandpa died this past weekend. But it was not the one we were expecting. Gordon McKnight passed away on Saturday, just a few months shy of 100. He was an architect, artist, and creative inspiration. Immensely talented, with a contagious smile that can still be seen in my mom and my sister, passed from … Continue reading Before and after the storm

How well you walk through the fire

As seems so often the case, this week my thoughts are tied up in the difficulty of life. This year has been a tremendously difficult one. And I know I have spoken to that effect here before, and I by no means want to be known as a complainer. But the truth is, life is … Continue reading How well you walk through the fire

Brain damage: take 3. Enough already!

Two weeks ago, on a fateful Friday night, I was at the office, quietly tending to my work. Carissa and her puppy Teddy were in the next room, and I split my time between actual productive work and repeatedly telling Teddy that he's the most beautiful doggo in the world. As I was packing bags … Continue reading Brain damage: take 3. Enough already!


I started working out three weeks ago. The saga of how I came to be a workout person starts with who I am at my center: a lazy person. A while back I was watching the show Younger (read: binge-watching), and that spiraled me into a weird Instagram rabbit hole of stalking the main characters. … Continue reading Becoming

the things that shape us

This week has been a tough one. Mercury's in retrograde, and the astrology-inclined amongst us would be inclined to blame the planetary alignments for all the current misfortunes. Maybe it's true, who's to say really. But I think more likely is that this life is such a turbulent mix of good and bad, and sometimes … Continue reading the things that shape us