Celta and a social life…can it be done?

The short answer is: yes. The long answer is something a little closer to sure, if you’re really good at time management and don’t require sleep. 

Week 3 of the CELTA has brought with it a lot of routine. The daily schedule has become as consistent as the inevitable stress that accompanies it. Breakfast, coffee, lesson planning, essay writing, class, lesson prep, teaching, dinner, exhaustion. 

But I decided that since my life does not end in 5 days when the course does, and I’d like some semblance of a life to exist after that, I might as well start making some friends now. And it’s been pretty successful thus far. But it has made for a completely packed schedule, hanging out with new friends in the time slot previously allotted for rest and study. And somehow I’m still keeping it together through this final week. Tiny miracles.

I’ve found that the Celta is a lot easier for our group because there are so few of us, which means less time observing other teachers and more personalized time for lesson prep and feedback. One of the six dropped out this week, reducing our numbers to five (While we’ve been managing without too much trouble, we’ve learned the Celta certainly isn’t for everyone). 

This weekend my classmate D’Jeane and I scheduled the entire day off on Saturday, which is something that hasn’t happened since the course began. We decided to spend the whole day not even talking about school. And it was beautiful. 

We lounged at the pool, underwent a lengthy cross-town search for cross stitching supplies (which was a success) and had pancakes and burritos for brunch with some of our friends. I’m not sure how we’ve managed it but we’re surviving this course while maintaining a sense of normalcy in our incredibly hectic lives here.

Week 3, like the rest of the course, has been incredibly busy. But it’s been good, and hasn’t gotten in the way of some fun times with great people.

accidentally way too coordinated and patriotic. red, white, and blonde


met a guy from ohio who had a pet sugar glider. kinda cute, kinda scary. mostly cute?
poor scoopy the scooter got a flat. luckily my thai friends knew who to call to get it fixed, and DJ and i had already bought a mountain of craft supplies to keep us busy in the meantime

the repairman pulled this out of the tire


the travel monopoly my sister gave me has gotten its fair share of use here. (i won this game, obviously)

the end result of movie and craft night
So that’s week 3. I’m a little late in posting for no good reason other than that I just excel at procrastinating. It’s day 2 of week 4 already, and the course will end in a couple of days. Two more teaching practices and then I’ll somehow be considered a real English teacher. Here’s hopin. 

One thought on “Celta and a social life…can it be done?

  1. Hi Tiny Rambler still follow you on your journey to search for happiness and the meaning of life
    We met on your first night in Chang Mai at the Irish pub. Two elderly guys from Holland.

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