I survived the CELTA

It’s a miracle, I know. 4 intense weeks of study, planning, and teaching, and it didn’t kill me. I guess 4 years of college before that sort of helped prepare me for that. In the big picture a month really isn’t that long.

The last week of the course was challenging, but really much easier than the previous weeks. We had a couple of “study mornings” without class and because of the small size of our group we were able to finish up totally on Thursday night and have Friday off. 

The last day of the course we had a visit from a Cambridge assessor who took feedback from us and observed a couple of lessons to make sure the tutors’ assessments of our teaching lined up with his. After our final lessons were finished, sweet sweet freedom was ours and we celebrated with lots of food. 


can you tell which ones are the teachers? (hint:we’re all blindingly pasty white)
The feeling of being finally done was incredible. We had the whole weekend to lounge about and do as we pleased, which was a pretty foreign feeling after 4 weeks of work. It was a nice change, to say the least.

This week began the teaching English to young learners extension course, and so far it’s been a lot of well…this:

I can’t say I’m learning a huge amount other than ideas of activities to do with kids, but it’s alright. Supposedly you can teach kids English with that drawing activity. DJ and I didn’t learn any English but we did learn we’re terrible artists and even worse story tellers.

Since the TEYL course is only 3 hours a day, I’ve had some time to work on my job hunting skills. Photos printed, resumes edited, and lists of schools compiled. And now the real work begins…finding a good job. 

And it better happen soon, because onSaturday  I’m packing up and heading to the beach! Nothing like a week of lounging in the sun to recoup from 5 weeks of grammar talk. 🙂 can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “I survived the CELTA

  1. Hey! Chiang Mai isn’t bad but lacks the beach. There are plenty of jobs here in Krabi too. Take a look in the Facebook group Krabi / Ao Nang locals. It’s good for finding long term accommodations as well.


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