A week floating around the Andaman Sea

My apologies for the delay in posting. While I’d like to say I have a good excuse for it, it’s really just that I was busy laying on the beach and didn’t feel like posting. That’s a good excuse, right?

With the CELTA and TEYL courses completed, I packed my bags and headed for Phuket. I was greeted at the airport by my friend Audrey, a woman I had met briefly in Chiang Mai back in January before the course started.


Audrey and I on the night before the CELTA began

From the airport we took a bus and a cab to the pier, hopped on a boat and set off for Koh Phi Phi.

Koh Phi Phi was, in our opinion, a little too crowded, touristy, and chaotic. But the views were incredible. We stayed one night and in the morning took a little boat tour around the area, doing some snorkeling and visiting Maya Bay, the beach where The Beach was filmed (which is a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio I’ve never seen and know basically nothing about, but people seemed excited about it).


PhiPhi bound (and phase 1 of the great sunburn disaster of 2016)

Audrey inspects the boats we’re about to set out on

there’s not enough sunscreen in the world to protect that radiantly white body

After our boat tour we gathered our belongings and boarded another boat for Koh Lanta, a bigger but much quieter island about an hour away.  We stayed at Wayla Hostel, right in the middle of the island on the beach. And for some reason Wayla attracted a whole slew of French Canadians (of which Audrey is one). We had a great couple of days exploring, hanging out on the beach, and partaking in the Laanta Lanta festival. The island was calm but still a lot of fun.


lanta is pretty big so a scooter was necessary to get around (and fun!)


audrey has clearly been working on her tan a little longer than the rest of us. shes also clearly not irish


wales, holland, and the states and a whole mess of canadians represented at the festival

After a few days on Koh Lanta Audrey and I switched up our mode of transportation and boarded a mini bus (which then boarded a boat) and headed for Krabi. We booked a hostel on Ao Nang, right on the water, and enjoyed some more time on the beach.

Railay Beach is only reachable by boat, but is just a ten minute ride from the Ao Nang pier and it is gorgeous.


From Ao Nang Audrey headed in the direction of Bangkok, preparing to return home to Quebec, and I hopped on a plane back to Chiang Mai.

I loved the islands, and apart from my horrible sunburns, it was a wonderful week away. But I discovered just how much I love Chiang Mai once I left it. This little city is perfect, and when I stepped off the plane upon returning it felt like coming home.

Though very briefly. I leave on Monday for Kathmandu to see my sister for ten days. And when I come back then I will finally get around to finding a job and starting real life. Til then, the adventures continue.


(not naked)


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