Transitions (and delays)

I had been in the practice of posting every week, usually on the same day, so that my readers would know what to expect. But as it happens, real life is never as organized as you want it to be, and as chaos grows, schedules lapse.

And so here is a random update, two weeks late, on a Saturday.

In the past month I have gone from finishing the Celta, to traveling around the southern islands, to a week in Chiang Mai, to ten days in Nepal, and back to Chiang Mai.

Nepal was wonderful in that I got to spend time with my sister, which is rare. But as for Nepal itself…let’s just say i prefer Thailand. It was definitely an eye opening experience, and humbling to see what conditions my sister and so many others lived in during and after the earthquake there. Even now a year later evidence of the damage remains. I’m thankful I live in a place as beautiful and modern as Thailand.

The job search began when I returned to Chiang Mai last week. Armed with resumes and copies of certifications, I set out to apply to every school in the city. So far I’ve only done 7. But it’s a start. With any luck I will have a few offers soon and by May will be gainfully employed. *fingers crossed*

I am certainly ready for some solidity in my life. The life of a transient passerby is fun for a while, and the nomad trend seems appealing, but I’m ready for some normalcy. A schedule, a proper dresser to put my clothes in, a paycheck coming in. The simple things.

I move into a house with 3 other Americans on May 1st and by that time I hope to have a job and can begin to truly establish myself here. There’s something beautiful and alluring about the notion of truly calling a place home. That’s what I’d like to work on.

People often ask me how long I’ll be in Thailand and the truth is I have no idea. But for now I am content on transforming this place into a home I love, and transitioning from a wanderer to a resident. We’ll see how long that lasts đŸ˜‰

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