Songkran, Job Searches, and Suffocation

People told me Thailand would be hot. And my response was usually something along the lines of “better than snow!” Which, in all fairness, I am still convinced of. But what I was naively unprepared for was just how hot it would be. Hot to me meant a few days in the upper 90s back home. And then the heat would subside and I would talk about the heat for days afterward. “Can you believe it got up to 100??”

Enter Thailand. 107 degrees (42 celsius) daily with smog thick enough to choke you should you dare to venture out into it. Doi Suthep and the hills to the west of the city, usually brightly visible in the sun, lay dormant under a layer of brown and gray. And yet somehow…I still prefer this to snow. Today we lucked out with a rainstorm that cooled things down a bit and gave a brief respite from the oppressive heat. Hoping for more of that soon.

I’ve adjusted to the idea of sweating 100% of the time, and have somehow managed to pull myself together enough to continue the job search. I’ve applied to around 15 schools but have yet to settle in on a position.

My job search took a hiatus last week during Songkran, the 3 day festival of water everywhere all the time as soon as you step foot outside. Day 1 was exciting and new, day 2 a renewed battle, and by day 3 I was ready for a nap. But all in all it was a great time. Had I a waterproof camera, there were would dozens of pictures of me being assaulted by children and adults alike laden with heavy water gun artillery. But since I value my electronics I decided to leave them be while I battled in the streets.

My friend Lexi moves to Chiang Mai next week, and I couldn’t be more excited. We seem to have followed each other around the globe, living in Italy, Boston, Philadelphia, and now Thailand. It’ll be nice to have another familiar face around. 🙂

That’s all for now…hopefully I will be a little better about having consistent updates in the future.

Oh, and also….HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZARA!! Love you!


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