Finally…an update

Writing regular posts has clearly slipped from the top of my priority list lately. Life has been full and busy and I just haven’t focused on writing about my life so much as just living it. But for the sake of those who read this, I concede. A full update for you, and the promise of another in the not too distant future.

I have been working at a language center for the past couple of months doing one on one tutoring for ESL students of various ages and nationalities, though the majority are Thai kids. 

What I’ve really liked about this job is that the hours are flexible and the work is very easy and requires no outside preparation, so my free time is my own. The down side is that the pay is low and the hours make it difficult to hang out with my friends who work normal school hours. And to be honest…easy work gets kind of boring. 

So I set out on the job hunt again, this time much less urgently, since I was already employed and not worried about becoming a homeless pauper anytime soon.

I interviewed last week at a couple of different schools–one government high school, and one private kindergarten. And I absolutely loved the kindergarten. The school is only two years old and the facilities are all brand new. The staff were super friendly and it seemed like a great place to work. The high school seemed depressing and not my speed.

I was offered jobs at both schools since the school year has already started and they’re desperate for teachers, and I accepted the kindergarten job. 

I will actually be teaching the youngest kids in the kindergarten department-2 and 3 year olds. And they are very very cute.

I start on Monday and I am as nervous as I am excited. I don’t really have any clue how to make lesson plans for kids that young, but I’m hoping I’ll catch on quickly!
Chiang Mai’s rainy season is beginning, but in the moments of clear weather my friends and I have managed to get out and explore a bit. 

A couple of weeks ago we went hiking at a national park about an hour south of here, which was beautiful.

And later took another trip further south to Doi Inthanon national park, which contains the highest point in all of Thailand. It was gorgeous.

I continue to love Thailand, even after sweating through my sheets on 108 degree nights and getting caught in torrential rain while driving down the highway. I sign a year long contract at my new school, so it looks like thailand’s gonna be home for quite a while longer.

Book your tickets to come visit 🙂

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