Chaos and Calm

I try to arrange my life in such a way that organization and order overpower chaos. I have been trying to stick to a pretty consistent schedule of sleeping, waking, working, exercising, etc. I like planning and predictability in my day (as much as my nomadic existence might infer otherwise). Chaos and I don’t do too well together. And yet, it seems completely unavoidable in my life.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m accident prone. Like Michael Phelps is to swimming, I am to accidents. And as many times as I swear it isn’t my fault, by the 10th set of stitches even I begin to doubt myself. But I’d been on a good run lately. Since my last motorbike accident in May I’ve been largely healthy and injury free.

But as in all areas of my life, chaos can only be avoided for so long. Schedules fall apart, predictability fails, and accidents happen. As one did this weekend.

On Friday a couple of my friends and I decided to go up Doi Suthep, the little mountain just west of the city. It’s a nice drive and when you get up there you can see all of Chiang Mai sprawled out below you. Unfortunately, we did not pay attention to the weather when we decided to drive up, and our views were obscured by fog and rain. It made for an interesting drive down again, which was still beautiful, in an eerie, horror movie sort of way.

But on the way down, the combination of steep turns and slick roads resulted in 3 of us all slipping out on the same turn in a sort of domino effect. Luckily none of us were seriously injured, but it still wasn’t fun.

My foot is sprained and my body is covered in a new set of cuts and bruises, but otherwise I’m fine, and thankful things weren’t worse.

I’m back at work this morning, grateful for modern medicine, and for forgiving coworkers who are making dealing with ten toddlers on an injured foot a lot easier. I am reminded to slow down. Not just when driving down a mountain, but in all areas of life. To breathe, calmly, and remember to embrace chaos gracefully when it happens.

My accident has messed with my normal schedule of exercise and activities, which I hate, but has given me the chance to rely on dear friends to take care of me, the power of which cannot be overstated. I am so thankful for Lexi and Jeremiah’s presence in my life. They live upstairs in my building and are so willing to drop everything to help me when I need it. Lexi sat in the hospital with me for well over two hours, they brought me food and medicine, helped me scrub pavement out of my abrasions, and listened patiently as a whined about how much it hurt.

little angels

Chaos brings disruptions, but in this case, also the chance for connection. And for that I am thankful. For the scratches and bruises covering my body…less thankful. But I wouldn’t really be Caitlin Fairty without a few injuries now and then, now would I?

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