Christmas in a place called home

Apologies for the insane delay in posting. I’ve been enjoying living life but somewhat failing at writing about it. It’s been a busy few weeks.

The last couple weeks of school before our break were stressful and chaos-filled, trying to prepare for the holidays and finish everything up before our break. Christmas in kindergarten was fun, but took enormous energy. While Christmas isn’t a Thai holiday, the kids loved learning about it and celebrating together, but fun for them meant lots of work for me. We had a big party on the last day and while it was exhausting, it was so much fun. And a good way to finish up before a much needed period of rest.

The days following our final day of school were filled with friends and fun and not a lot of sleep. The days following those days were filled mostly with naps. It’s been a good combination of rest and fun, my days melding frequently into each other, spent quietly or chaotically with the dearest people. 

My band played a couple weeks ago, and it was my first performance ever as a pianist. I only played three songs but it went pretty well, and I think everyone had fun (myself included). We didn’t get many good pictures or videos, so the following week the guys and I recorded one of our songs at school. 

The owner of the bar we played at is french, and his place has become a frequent hang out (and him, frequent company). And as I’ve found myself now often surrounded by french people, I’ve taken to trying to learn the language. The app I’m learning on told me today I’m now 7% fluent. As far as I can tell that means I’m capable of point out animals and objects and describing them. “L’oiseau est jolie.” Working on that… 


Christmas was spent with the usual friends, minus lexi and Jeremiah, who are still in the states. Their absence is sorely felt, even if they are only gone a month. The rest of us still here cooked a little Christmas dinner and enjoyed being in the company of these like minded wanderers who have become family. They’re good people.

My sister Tara is visiting now with her fiancé Jacob. I saw her last in Nepal 9 months ago, which by our standards is still pretty recent. But it’s great having her here. She was able to show me her home back in march, and now I’m able to take her around mine. Chiang Mai is a great place and it’s nice to be able to have her here with me, even if just for a few days. She’s good people too.

I am grateful for the holidays, even without the traditions of “home.” It has been a time of rest and revitalization, learning again to live slowly, eat well, sleep often, and really appreciate the life I am building here, surrounded by good people, beautiful mountains, and clear blue skies. For almost a year now, this has been home. And as I sit here with my sister drinking tea, listening to the birds singing outside, it certainly feels like it. 

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