Weddings, Kampot, and Bangkok 

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me here in Asia. At the end of March, I abandoned my home in Chiang Mai and hopped on a plane for Cambodia. After nearly missing my connection in Bangkok (never make the mistake of thinking an hour is long enough to transfer flights on Air Asia…) I landed in Phnom Penh. A very different city from Chiang Mai, it was a little overwhelming. I only stayed there one night and then caught a bus the next day to Kampot, about 4 hours away, where my friends Lexi and Jeremiah are staying.

I spent five days in their [very hot] little town, working on some writing projects, taking walks by the river, and sampling local beer and ice cream. From the chaos of my normal school life, this was a welcomed break.

At the end of the week, I took another bus and another plane and headed to Bangkok, where I spent a few days hanging out with my pseudo-brother Emmett and some other friends from Chiang Mai. I’m not a big fan of Bangkok (it’s too dirty and loud and enormous and expensive) but I had a great time exploring and visiting friends.

Real beer is a rarity in thailand…was so excited to find this!

After a few days of gallivanting around the city, I took off again. This time, via a taxi, a bus, two trucks, a ferry, and another taxi, finally ending up on the beach in Koh Chang. And while the 11 hours of transportation there were definitely not my favorite, I was happy to finally be there.

I spent a glorious five days on the island, swimming, kayaking, hiking, and drinking lots of cocktails with friends. On Sunday, my friend and bandmate Dan got married. It was one of the loveliest weddings I’ve been to. Casual and fun, the celebration sprawled into the early hours of the morning. While most people were sleeping off their hangovers the next day, I was off again at 9AM, headed back to Chiang Mai for my final 6 weeks before I return to the States.

The Jack Poets: me, dan, and Brian

And two days after I got back here…Songkran arrived. More on that later. We’re on day 2 of the three-day water festival, and it’s pretty crazy. Pictures and explanations to come soon!

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