The journey home

The time has come, at long last. After three and a half months, I am finally close to being able to unpack my suitcase. 

I’m in San Francisco today, getting ready to board a flight to Orange County. I drove to Chicago yesterday, stayed the night with my friend Sofia from Thailand, and flew out this morning. I’ll stay the night in Tustin tonight, pick up my car, then drive to San Diego in the morning. And then I’ll be home. Just like that. 

The past few weeks have been a blur of preparations and chaos. Getting the house in order, throwing parties, being reunited with friends and family from all over the world. 

My sister got married on Saturday. And while it was absolute chaos from behind the scenes, the wedding was beautiful. A lot of work went in from a lot of people to make it what it was, but I think it turned out great. Sure, some ancient relatives nearly went into diabetic comas and we were all freezing our toes off, but in general everything went well. And hurricane Irma managed to leave the Dominican Republic alone enough for tara and Jacob to have their honeymoon. 

Kate came out and took all the wedding photos, because she’s amazing. But she may not have realized she was also getting roped into wedding setup, which included shucking 150 ears of corn, among other things. And as it turns out, that was about 75 ears too many and my parents will now be eating corn for the rest of the year. Send your corn recipes their way, please.

But all in all it was a good time. I succeeded in my goal of getting my parents’ cat to love me, and we got the house renovated and looking great. And now I’m ready to settle down and start living a normal life again. 

The past several months have been a good transition back into life in the States. But it has been a wholly unsettled period of transition that has at times been exhausting  and draining. And while I’ve had no shortage of welcoming homes and generous hosts this summer, I feel entirely ready to unpack my suitcase in a place I can call home. 

This is my 19th move (if you don’t count americorps postings and the four different residences in Thailand). 19 seems like enough. I have a feeling I’m not done traveling yet, but for now, I’m ready to stay put for a while. 

I’ll be accepting visitors from my new home in San Diego starting tomorrow. Start booking your tickets!

Lucy finally doesn’t loathe my presence
Best friends shucking corn for days
Just having a grand old time on a couch in a field
My grandpa’s cool
Fairty men’s beards shrink with age

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