San Diego Livin’

Today marks three weeks of living in San Diego and four months since I stopped drinking. And I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.

Quitting drinking was a lot harder than I expected. For anyone who has anxiety or depression, you know how easy it is to rely on coping mechanisms to get through the day. Honestly, even if you don’t struggle with mental illness, you probably still know the feeling. Maybe you’ve had a long day at work and your coworkers were annoying or your clients were impossible or maybe you were just sitting in front of a computer for so long that your eyes started to fry. And when you get home from work, there’s nothing better than a nice, big glass of red wine. And suddenly the troubles of the day melt away.

It’s nice in theory, but the problem is that doing that often enough pretty much ensures you’ll end up with a tiny touch of alcoholism. And a glass of wine turns to a bottle of wine, and guess what, the anxiety and depression are still there. Awesome.

Dealing with my issues without the aid of any of my usual distractions has been pretty difficult. But it’s also helped me learn a lot about myself and, I think, become a much healthier version of myself. So I’m grateful for that.

San Diego is great. While it’s cold by Thai standards, it’s still in the 70s every day and sunny.  After living in Seattle, I realized that the constant clouds and lack of sunshine really had an impact on my mood. Sunshine every day is definitely a good thing for me.

Coming here was a fresh start for me. I’m trying to figure out who I am without all the vices I used to build my life around. And it’s kind of tricky. But I’m attempting new things. I do yoga every day, even though I’m terrible at it. My favorite pose is the one where you lay down flat on the ground. I like to call it napping pose.

I got a job at a juice bar to supplement my writing income. And while I blend in a little too well with my 18-22 year old coworkers, I really enjoy it. Plus I get free juice every day, so that’s hard to beat. I met a woman there the other day who worked at a kickboxing gym around the corner, so I signed up for some kickboxing classes. Which I’m pretty sure I will be terrible at, since the height of my current workout routine is walking and embracing napping pose in yoga. But I’m going to try it!

I also bought another keyboard so I can continue practicing piano. My roommate plays the drums, so now all we need is a guitarist and we can start a new band! (Or, i need the other 2/3 Jack Poets to move to California).

I’m doing my best to build a good life here. One that is surrounded by kind people and positive activities. And I think it’s working. It’s an adjustment, and at times it’s pretty difficult, but I’m excited for what lies ahead. 

Look at these nice views!



2 thoughts on “San Diego Livin’

  1. My first psych job was at a rehab clinic as an addictions counselor so I know a little bit about your struggle – but it’s YOUR struggle, so I really don’t know. So, let me say how proud I am of you! The things you are doing will really help you stay sober. And, you have a very good understanding of why you were drinking (anxiety/depression), so you know what feelings to be aware of. I’m sending lots of positive vibes out to San Diego my friend.

    BTW, kickboxing is VERY therapeutic :<) And I'm still loving the Nepal wallets!

    Stay well,
    Jack (formerly of the Salem YMCA)


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