6 months as a Californian

Last week marked six months of living in San Diego. It seems to have flown by. It’s been almost ten months since I left Thailand, which is baffling. And somehow, it’s been almost that long since I stopped drinking.

My life is pretty routine these days. I wake up at 6 or 7, lay in the cozy warmth of my bed for a while until I can face the chilly air in my bedroom. Eventually I get up, do some yoga and meditation, get ready for my day, cook breakfast, pack lunch, do some work on my computer, maybe run errands or go for a walk. Then around 9:30 I leave for work.

Working at Sony has been great so far. While I’m legally bound to not discussing what I do, I can tell you I’m a game test analyst and I do a lot of game test…analysis. And no, it is not the same as Grandma’s Boy, which everyone seems to want to know.

I typically work from 10-7, cook dinner when I get home, and try not to immediately fall asleep. While I’ve regained the bulk of my health, my strength seems to be a little slow to catch up. Even though I spend most of the day sitting, I am typically exhausted when I get home. Working on rebuilding my strength little by little.

I made a decision to delete social media for the month of March. I felt it was an unproductive waste of time and I was far too addicted to it for my own good. So I deactivated my accounts and took a break.

While the break was well-intentioned, it turned out to be short-lived. A friend of mine in Thailand had a sudden brain injury and was left in a coma. Her husband created a facebook page to give everyone updates on her condition and I was suddenly faced with the fact that social media is sometimes a huge gift and vital method of communication. So I reactivated my accounts so that I could continue to stay connected. I try to limit my time on them, still.

It’s strange that my life seems so normal now. People who meet me here are meeting a version of myself I’m quite unfamiliar with. I’m stationary, stable, employed in a somewhat traditional job. I don’t have any crazy vices or partying habits. I’m incredibly unexciting. But after a decade of pretty nonstop chaos, I think I’m happy to be where I am. I haven’t traveled anywhere in months, but I’ve worked on making this town feel like home.

Knowing me, there’s a good chance I won’t stay here forever. But for now, I’m content.

One thought on “6 months as a Californian

  1. Glad to hear you are doing well. I often question how much time I spend on social media too! You will find the balance!

    My take on your last ten years is that, with all the excitement and travel, you got WAY more than great pics, memories and experiences – you got YOU! Living with the new, “boring” you will take time and effort. You are not done yet, but I believe you shed a LOT of baggage and “bad habits” on your physical and spiritual journey. This last illness that knocked you off your feet may be “symbolic” of the detox you’ve been through? Just keep doing what you are doing, and things will keep showing up in your life to guide you!

    Thanks, as always for sharing! I find your observations to be inspirational.

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