Friendship and goodbyes: the best and the worst  

I'm leaving Thailand tomorrow, with no return date. And that's got me caught up in a lot of emotions. Sadness, excitement, joy, fear...the whole gamut.  But as I prepare to leave, I'm thinking most about the friends I'm leaving behind, and the ones I'm going to be reunited with when I get back to the … Continue reading Friendship and goodbyes: the best and the worst  

Fear, excitement, and indecision

Sorry for the delay in posting. Despite no longer having a regular job, I've still managed to be incredibly busy. And also I'm just a terrible procrastinator. Quick sum-up of the last month: Songkran: 3 day water festival. AKA 3 days of straight chaos. Trip to Pai, reunion with Stoio (friend from my Philly days, … Continue reading Fear, excitement, and indecision

Weddings, Kampot, and Bangkok 

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me here in Asia. At the end of March, I abandoned my home in Chiang Mai and hopped on a plane for Cambodia. After nearly missing my connection in Bangkok (never make the mistake of thinking an hour is long enough to transfer flights on Air Asia...) … Continue reading Weddings, Kampot, and Bangkok 

Here we go, here we go, here we go again

I  move locations about as often as some people buy new socks. Actually...probably a lot more often than that. I don't really have any idea how often people buy socks. That was a terrible analogy. Point is, in 27 years I've lived in close to 20 places. Most of those in the last decade. Some … Continue reading Here we go, here we go, here we go again

A trip up the mountains

In my Valentine's Day post I mentioned my school's Love, Care, Share project. We spent the past month gathering donations and supplies for a school in TeeBoKee village, a tiny place in the mountains where one of our TA's grew up. A week ago Friday we took those donations to the school. When we left … Continue reading A trip up the mountains

Reflections on a year in Thailand

Exactly one year ago I left my best friend and adopted family in Seattle and ended up alone in an unfamiliar place with no friends, no job, and no idea what I was doing. I was terrified. But 12 months later I have found myself in love with this place I now call home.  I have … Continue reading Reflections on a year in Thailand

Elephants and Christmas Cheer

My job is pretty hard. I work 50+ hours a week and spend most of those hours wrangling rambunctious 2 year olds. It's exhausting and demanding. But that's the downside. The upside is that I am doing something I generally enjoy, working with amazing people, at a job full of great perks. One of those … Continue reading Elephants and Christmas Cheer

Finding the joys

My life has been crazy chaotic lately. There were days last week when I'd leave the house at 6:30am and not get back til after ten at night. I've tried fitting in a full work schedule and a full social calendar and I have gotten completely burnt out. Time management has never been my strong … Continue reading Finding the joys

Updates from the other side of the globe 

"All procrastination is fear." That's what I heard on a podcast anyway. And I suppose it's mildly true... half the reason I've put off writing for so long is because I haven't felt the inspiration or energy to write something decent, and I'm afraid of posting something that isn't good.  But sometimes procrastination is just … Continue reading Updates from the other side of the globe 

The kindness of people

Most of the time, people are kind of assholes. (Forgive my language). I frequently see videos of racist, hateful people spewing profanities at others just because of their skin color; I read news articles about rapists and murderers and corrupt politicians, or school bullies and misogynists, and I think, Wow. People suck. And it's so easy … Continue reading The kindness of people