The Next Right Thing

Living a good life is challenging. A life that's productive, positive, happy, and isn't hugely damaging to yourself or those around you... It's hard. And when you add in depression, anxiety, sickness, and sobriety on top of it all, it sometimes feels a lot harder. Depression kills my productivity. Sometimes I start thinking about having … Continue reading The Next Right Thing

Denver, Chicago, Lansing, and 77 Days of Sobriety

It's been a while since I've posted anything, as you might have noticed. I think there are roughly 7 regular readers who will have noticed... This one's for you. Sorry it's so long. Apparently a lot happens in 6 weeks. I left Seattle at the end of July and headed to Denver to see my … Continue reading Denver, Chicago, Lansing, and 77 Days of Sobriety

This is 28

I turned 28 today. I'll admit, there were times I didn't think that would happen. But here I am: alive and ancient. (And don't you senior citizens start harping on me... you probably felt old at 28 too. I actually have wrinkles now.) Lately I've been thinking a lot about how I present my life … Continue reading This is 28

A Psalm of Life

I've long felt a love for the Romantic writers. Probably instilled by my mother, I loved Wordsworth years before any still-living boys would catch my eye. There was something about the way they wrote so beautifully about things I didn't fully understand. I've always loved the mysterious. That's perhaps why I watch so much science … Continue reading A Psalm of Life

Depression and Democracy

Trying to sort through my emotions over the past couple of days has been so difficult. Initially when I heard the news about Donald Trump, I was in disbelief. Then disbelief transitioned into shock, then anger, then rage, then sadness, then acceptance, then back through the cycle all over again. The emotions have yet to … Continue reading Depression and Democracy

Trivia Night and the Dead Dragonfly

Last week I went to trivia night at a local bar that one of my friends was helping to host. I love trivia and always have, despite being consistently terrible at it. I'm pretty useless at remembering facts, and as it happened, the other 4 people on my team weren't that good at it either. … Continue reading Trivia Night and the Dead Dragonfly

On turning 27

I never expected this is where I would be at 27. I don't know where exactly I thought I'd be, but I don't think I'd have ever guessed here: broke, single, and teaching two year olds in Thailand. My mom was 27 when she married my dad...who was 22. I never imagined I'd wait as … Continue reading On turning 27