Here’s to 29

My 29th birthday was on Saturday, marking the last home stretch before a new decade beckons, full of unknowns and brimming with potential.One year left of the addled carefree life of a 20-something. It feels harder to pretend you’re just a young adult trying to figure things out when you’re in your 30s. Birthdays to … Continue reading Here’s to 29

Stability, rain, and envelopes of cash

Everyone says it's super easy to get a job in Chiang Mai if you're a white English speaking female, especially with blonde hair and pale skin. What they don't tell you is its a little more difficult to get a job you actually want.  Before the Celta was even over, I was offered a job … Continue reading Stability, rain, and envelopes of cash

Two weeks in, and a feeling of home

Last night marked the two week anniversary of my moving here. It feels at the same time both long and short. It's had its ups and downs so far, and pretty extreme versions of both, but all in all its been good. While there are aspects I really miss about home (like knowing how to … Continue reading Two weeks in, and a feeling of home