Stability, rain, and envelopes of cash

Everyone says it's super easy to get a job in Chiang Mai if you're a white English speaking female, especially with blonde hair and pale skin. What they don't tell you is its a little more difficult to get a job you actually want.  Before the Celta was even over, I was offered a job … Continue reading Stability, rain, and envelopes of cash

Songkran, Job Searches, and Suffocation

People told me Thailand would be hot. And my response was usually something along the lines of "better than snow!" Which, in all fairness, I am still convinced of. But what I was naively unprepared for was just how hot it would be. Hot to me meant a few days in the upper 90s back … Continue reading Songkran, Job Searches, and Suffocation

I survived the CELTA

It's a miracle, I know. 4 intense weeks of study, planning, and teaching, and it didn't kill me. I guess 4 years of college before that sort of helped prepare me for that. In the big picture a month really isn't that long. The last week of the course was challenging, but really much easier … Continue reading I survived the CELTA