Transitions (and delays)

I had been in the practice of posting every week, usually on the same day, so that my readers would know what to expect. But as it happens, real life is never as organized as you want it to be, and as chaos grows, schedules lapse. And so here is a random update, two weeks … Continue reading Transitions (and delays)

Holi in Kathmandu

I spent a week at home in Chiang Mai under the guise of doing job searching and other work related things, but really just spending most of my time with friends. Vacation mode was hard to shake 🙂 I arrived in Nepal on Monday afternoon and after waiting for an hour and a half to … Continue reading Holi in Kathmandu

The Countdown to Chaos

I put in my notice at work this week. My CELTA course is paid for, my tickets are booked, and the month countdown begins on Sunday. I depart Seattle on January 13th, and if you're wondering, yes I'm scared silly about it. But I am also excited. I'm ready for this new adventure. Even if … Continue reading The Countdown to Chaos