Friendship and goodbyes: the best and the worst  

I'm leaving Thailand tomorrow, with no return date. And that's got me caught up in a lot of emotions. Sadness, excitement, joy, fear...the whole gamut.  But as I prepare to leave, I'm thinking most about the friends I'm leaving behind, and the ones I'm going to be reunited with when I get back to the … Continue reading Friendship and goodbyes: the best and the worst  


Fear, excitement, and indecision

Sorry for the delay in posting. Despite no longer having a regular job, I've still managed to be incredibly busy. And also I'm just a terrible procrastinator. Quick sum-up of the last month: Songkran: 3 day water festival. AKA 3 days of straight chaos. Trip to Pai, reunion with Stoio (friend from my Philly days, … Continue reading Fear, excitement, and indecision

Here we go, here we go, here we go again

I  move locations about as often as some people buy new socks. Actually...probably a lot more often than that. I don't really have any idea how often people buy socks. That was a terrible analogy. Point is, in 27 years I've lived in close to 20 places. Most of those in the last decade. Some … Continue reading Here we go, here we go, here we go again

A trip up the mountains

In my Valentine's Day post I mentioned my school's Love, Care, Share project. We spent the past month gathering donations and supplies for a school in TeeBoKee village, a tiny place in the mountains where one of our TA's grew up. A week ago Friday we took those donations to the school. When we left … Continue reading A trip up the mountains

love and gratitude

It's Valentine's Day, traditionally my least favorite pseudo-holiday. I think the holiday is generally pretty stupid, aimed at making you buy things for someone or making you sad about not having anyone to buy things for, and then buying things for yourself. (Pint of Ben and Jerry's, I'm lookin at you.) But as I plan … Continue reading love and gratitude


In 2007 I thought I wanted to spend 4 years in college. In 2009 I thought I wanted to quit college. In 2014 I thought I wanted to move to the mountains of Montana. In 2015 I thought I wanted to live forever in Seattle. In 2016 I thought I wanted to stay in a … Continue reading Changes 

Reflections on a year in Thailand

Exactly one year ago I left my best friend and adopted family in Seattle and ended up alone in an unfamiliar place with no friends, no job, and no idea what I was doing. I was terrified. But 12 months later I have found myself in love with this place I now call home.  I have … Continue reading Reflections on a year in Thailand