The journey home

The time has come, at long last. After three and a half months, I am finally close to being able to unpack my suitcase.  I'm in San Francisco today, getting ready to board a flight to Orange County. I drove to Chicago yesterday, stayed the night with my friend Sofia from Thailand, and flew out … Continue reading The journey home

Road trip adventures: Tahoe and Yosemite 

My friend Peter and I spent a week road tripping around California. From his home in Laguna Beach, we drove 8 hours to Carson City, NV, where we hiked, played board games, ate far too many berries at the farmers' market, and took a day trip to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is an incredible spot … Continue reading Road trip adventures: Tahoe and Yosemite 

Fear, excitement, and indecision

Sorry for the delay in posting. Despite no longer having a regular job, I've still managed to be incredibly busy. And also I'm just a terrible procrastinator. Quick sum-up of the last month: Songkran: 3 day water festival. AKA 3 days of straight chaos. Trip to Pai, reunion with Stoio (friend from my Philly days, … Continue reading Fear, excitement, and indecision

What it’s like to travel the world with anxiety

I received an email this week from a reader of my blog I've never met. (Yes, apparently I have readers other than my immediate family...who knew) He mentioned something about initially thinking I couldn't have anxiety because of all the adventurous things I've done. I moved across the globe by myself; clearly, I must be … Continue reading What it’s like to travel the world with anxiety

Finding the joys

My life has been crazy chaotic lately. There were days last week when I'd leave the house at 6:30am and not get back til after ten at night. I've tried fitting in a full work schedule and a full social calendar and I have gotten completely burnt out. Time management has never been my strong … Continue reading Finding the joys

Absence doesn’t change the status of the heart all that much, as it turns out

I've been living abroad for just shy of 8 months. I mark the days by the photo updates I get of Kate's littlest nephew Simeon, born just a couple of weeks before I left. Of Kate's 7 nieces and nephews, he was the only one whose birth I was present for. I watched a family … Continue reading Absence doesn’t change the status of the heart all that much, as it turns out

Finally…an update

Writing regular posts has clearly slipped from the top of my priority list lately. Life has been full and busy and I just haven't focused on writing about my life so much as just living it. But for the sake of those who read this, I concede. A full update for you, and the promise … Continue reading Finally…an update

A Day in the Life of a CELTA Trainee…a photo diary 

It's the end of week 2 of the Celta, and i'm about ready for a vacation and a week-long nap. Week 1 was foundation work, learning the basics, and creating lesson plans from detailed teaching points prepared for us. Week 2 came with a little more freedom in our lesson plans, working from some set … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a CELTA Trainee…a photo diary 

When your comfort zone is 7,000 miles away

I'll be honest, despite the fact that I've moved something like 17 times and been to around that many different countries, I'm remarkably scared of new places. 
I put on a good show, and most of the time do a pretty convincing job of making people think everything's wonderful and exciting when I travel. But when … Continue reading When your comfort zone is 7,000 miles away

On Fear

I had a mild freak out to my sister the other day. She thinks I'm brave, but I feel like a coward in comparison to her and the bold life she leads. She's a teacher in Kathmandu, Nepal, and has been for the past 2 1/2 years. In that same time I have gone from … Continue reading On Fear