Serendipity and Hair Dye

//Disclaimer to the lovely littles who follow my blog: This post contains adult language...sorry ❤// It's funny how things work out sometimes. Occasionally coincidences and chance encounters occur, and my instinct is to brush them off as just that. I'm not one to put much credence in the spiritual or supernatural, and tend to think things … Continue reading Serendipity and Hair Dye

Finding the joys

My life has been crazy chaotic lately. There were days last week when I'd leave the house at 6:30am and not get back til after ten at night. I've tried fitting in a full work schedule and a full social calendar and I have gotten completely burnt out. Time management has never been my strong … Continue reading Finding the joys

A Psalm of Life

I've long felt a love for the Romantic writers. Probably instilled by my mother, I loved Wordsworth years before any still-living boys would catch my eye. There was something about the way they wrote so beautifully about things I didn't fully understand. I've always loved the mysterious. That's perhaps why I watch so much science … Continue reading A Psalm of Life

Updates from the other side of the globe 

"All procrastination is fear." That's what I heard on a podcast anyway. And I suppose it's mildly true... half the reason I've put off writing for so long is because I haven't felt the inspiration or energy to write something decent, and I'm afraid of posting something that isn't good.  But sometimes procrastination is just … Continue reading Updates from the other side of the globe 

Now what?

My last blog post received a tremendous amount of feedback. Probably, because for the first time in quite a while I wrote more than a mildly comedic account of my life here. I wrote something honest. Not that all my other posts are filled with lies, but they often omit certain things. And even though … Continue reading Now what?

On turning 27

I never expected this is where I would be at 27. I don't know where exactly I thought I'd be, but I don't think I'd have ever guessed here: broke, single, and teaching two year olds in Thailand. My mom was 27 when she married my dad...who was 22. I never imagined I'd wait as … Continue reading On turning 27